Nar Shaddaa - Casino District

Nar Shaddaa, also known as the Smuggler’s Moon, is the moon of the acquired Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta.

If Coruscant is New York, and Corellia is Los Angeles, Nar Shaddaa is the galactic equivalent of Las Vegas, complete with total, open mob rule. The Hutts and their various crime families are in charge upon the Smuggler’s Moon, and there’s no sight of that changing any time soon, especially since the Hutts themselves have quite a cozy relationship with the Galactic Empire.

The Casino District of Nar Shaddaa in particular is ruled over by Nurda the Hutt, a crimelord renowned for her willingness to fund those she sees as up-and-comers, and her particularly nasty wrath reserved for those who betray her. Nurda’s seat of power is in the massive casino on the highest level, unoriginally named “Nurda’s”. But that’s not to say that she doesn’t have a presence throughout the other levels – Nurda’s gang has strong control over the mid and high levels of the district, and in the lower levels she has ties with a swoop gang known as the Blue Krayts who do her bidding, or risk suffering Nurda’s wrath.

Other major players in the district are the Black Suns, who are known to all but control the spice trade in the area and treat anyone who sells on their turf with an enthusiastic welcome – one that makes sure that no one thinks of undercutting them. The Empire also has a presence, though they act more as hired guns for Nurda than in any official capacity. Bribes are common here, and the Imps are more than likely to try and squeeze a few more credits out of anything they can, even simple services like license renewal.

The most well-known local watering hole, and hangout for your typical scum and villainy is a cantina known as “The Solar Spire”.

Nar Shaddaa - Casino District

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